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A photo and lighting place! Here I'll post some stuff I've shot in the process of learning.

Mostly, I shoot with: Nikon D700 or my NEW Nikon D7000,

* Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 HSM-II (sports & portrait - SHARP!)
* Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 HSM (my fave),
* Nikkor 18-200 VR-II HSM (Not real sharp, but handy. A great street sweeper.), &
* My new
Sigma 12-24mm EX HSM (WIDE!).
* Nikkor 70-300 f/4-5.6 VR HSM (pretty cheap, disposable, pretty sharp out to 200mm and a loooooong reach with a crop frame),
* Nikkor 60mm micro (sharp enough to hurt the eyes).
* Sigma 105mm EX macro (UBER sharp!), &

Flash stuff:
* 4 Nikon SB800/900 (with ttl cords),
* 6 Nikon SB-25/26/28s (old, manual, reliable, nice),
* 6 ancient Sunpak 611 flashes (really old, manual, reliable, nice) with big SLA battery packs for studio, tabletop macro and portraits
. (GN=168 = lotsa light for a $50 flash).
* (6) Pocket Wizard and (6) Yongnuo RF-603 radio flash triggers

tons of stands, umbrellas, soft-boxes, mounts, hot & cold shoes, cords, pocket wizard radio triggers, reflectors, scrims, backdrops, adapters, snoots, grids, batteries , chargers, bags & cases, gewgaws, gimcracks, whatchamacallits, doohickeys, thingamajigs, whatnots, widgets, et cetera.

I love to shoot out on the street, but the technical aspects of photography/lighting are fascinating - and sometimes vexing. I am fortunate to shoot with motivated and inquisitive photographers.

I am available for portraits, senior photos & product photography.

Commercially printed copies (up to 24" x 30" of most photos seen here are available on high quality paper for framing.

17 July 2014

Some street shots from July, 2014

Sherry ring 3

Johnny Hodges
Johnny Hodges - Buskin' the blues 6 bw

Johnny Hodges - Buskin' the blues 8 bw

LinemanLineman 41 bw

Eggplant Harry
Eggplant Harry 2

The ring
Ring 1

Subway snooze
Subway snooze bw

10th Anniversary
10th Anniversary 2

5th Anniversary
5th Anniversary

57 Chevy
57 Chevy 3

Anything will help
Anything will help bw

Carrot top
Carrot-top 3

High on the job
High on the job 82 bw

Gotta respect a guy wears a camo quilt
Stylish man-about-town 3

Puller 2014 4

Boxed in 23 bw

17 June 2014

Yet more from the street

Retail price change from BLS datasets

Working girls
Working girls 42 bw

Our garden beds
8 x 8 Feet 1

Downtown Columbia Missouri - Promoting businesses
You'll remember Columbia

Russian red kale - YUM!
Russian red kale 2

Don't look now, but he's taking our photo
Don't look now, but he's taking our picture 2

Grampa John BlodgettGrampa John

31 May 2014

This week on the street...

The lost chord
Sketch 39 Lost Chord

Raven Wolf
Raven Wolf 2014-35 bw

Concentrated effort
Steadfast concentration

open circuit 1

Mix 'n match
Mix n match

Daisy, daisy
Daisy Daisy 2

Betty Boop?
Betty Boop 13 bw

475 Horsepower at work
475 Horsepower 2

Memorial day 2014

Some photos beg to be taken
Memorial Day - Some photos must be taken

White lens guy 9

Memorial day 2014 28

Memorial day 2014 20 - Been there 1

Memorial day 2014 9 - Invasion

Memorial day 2014 9 - Invasion

Memorial day 2014 2

Memorial day 2014 23 - Been there 1

18 May 2014

Take the wider view

I decided to take a stroll with my 12-24mm sigma to work that technique a little....

It's a's a's a 17mm!
It's a bird; it's a plane; no, it's a 17mm----

Raven Wolf
Raven Wolf 2014 - 210 bw

Raven Wolf 2014 - 206 bw

Betty Boop - boop, boop,e-doo
The wide view 1 bw

We now return you to our regular programming

Spatchcocked chicken ala Steve Reichlen (aka BBQ God) - a great way to grill or bake whole chicken. It cooks more evenly and the skin is crispy both sides. Just take shears and cut along both sides of the backbone and remove it. Wash, spice, season and press it flat.
This 'un was 1 hr. 15 min. at 350 in the oven.YUM!

Spatchcock chicken with rosemary, pepper and garlic

Spatchcocked Obscenity

That moment when they see the lens - priceless!
That moment when they see the lens - priceless bw

David Raye album cover
David Raye Blues_6399-2 cover 2

Urban nature
Urban nature - 'tween a rock and a hard place bw

11 May 2014

Week in review

Different streets
Different streets bw

Reminisce 4

Reminisce 3

Camera Aware
Camera Aware 101

Reminisce 5 bw

Rodeo Time!

Ashland rodeo 2014 - Unglued 1

Ashland rodeo 2014 - Cowboy prayer 10

Ashland rodeo 2014 - Roping 5 bw

Ashland rodeo 2014 - Roping 4

Cowboy prayer
Ashland rodeo 2014 - Pole bending 7 bw

Ashland rodeo 2014 - Cowboy prayer 8

Ashland rodeo 2014 - Barrels 5