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A photo and lighting place! Here I'll post some stuff I've shot in the process of learning.

Mostly, I shoot with: Nikon D700 or my NEW Nikon D7000,

* Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 HSM-II (sports & portrait - SHARP!)
* Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 HSM (my fave),
* Nikkor 18-200 VR-II HSM (Not real sharp, but handy. A great street sweeper.), &
* My new
Sigma 12-24mm EX HSM (WIDE!).
* Nikkor 70-300 f/4-5.6 VR HSM (pretty cheap, disposable, pretty sharp out to 200mm and a loooooong reach with a crop frame),
* Nikkor 60mm micro (sharp enough to hurt the eyes).
* Sigma 105mm EX macro (UBER sharp!), &

Flash stuff:
* 4 Nikon SB800/900 (with ttl cords),
* 6 Nikon SB-25/26/28s (old, manual, reliable, nice),
* 6 ancient Sunpak 611 flashes (really old, manual, reliable, nice) with big SLA battery packs for studio, tabletop macro and portraits
. (GN=168 = lotsa light for a $50 flash).
* (6) Pocket Wizard and (6) Yongnuo RF-603 radio flash triggers

tons of stands, umbrellas, soft-boxes, mounts, hot & cold shoes, cords, pocket wizard radio triggers, reflectors, scrims, backdrops, adapters, snoots, grids, batteries , chargers, bags & cases, gewgaws, gimcracks, whatchamacallits, doohickeys, thingamajigs, whatnots, widgets, et cetera.

I love to shoot out on the street, but the technical aspects of photography/lighting are fascinating - and sometimes vexing. I am fortunate to shoot with motivated and inquisitive photographers.

I am available for portraits, senior photos & product photography.

Commercially printed copies (up to 24" x 30" of most photos seen here are available on high quality paper for framing.

21 November 2014

Fall turns to winter.....

Sherry at the farm
WalkBack 2014 - Sherry 3 bw {3883}

Mountain man
WalkBack 2014 - Mountain man 2 bw {7553}

Libert Jazz
WalkBack 2014 - Dixieland rocks 16 bw {7938}

WalkBack 2014 - Dixieland rocks 10 bw {7757}

WalkBack 2014 - Dixieland rocks 3 bw {7621}

Walk Back in Time-Mexico, MO
Portrait with human

Piper 1 pt

Old Masters look
Old Masters look

Battle of Centralia_The old bridge

Serious business
Serious business 6 bw

Fleeced 9 bw

Compost for the garden - 2 1/2 tons
Compost 4

Little boxes - again
Little boxes - again bw

Through the glass
Through the glass

The stairs
Stairs bw

Temple tiger
Temple tiger

Houston aquarium
Houston aquarium 12 bw

Sherry - The simple life
The simple life 16 - Sherry

Amish pastoral
Amish pastoral

26 August 2014

Dog days on 9th Street

Pets _5948

Where was mom when this happened?
Where was Mom when this happened 34

Assume the position
Assume the position 5

Greyscale 9

Pickled watermelon rind - 8 qts. - YUM!
Pickled watermelon rind - YUM!

Help a vet
Help a vet 4 bw

A boy and his dog
A boy and his dog 24 bw

Busking on the corner
Busking on 9th 9 bw

Lineman 43 bw

Commuter parking in my neighborhood
Commuter parking around here bw

Local lane
Local Lane

Mannequin-like 1 bw

$50 and up
$50 and up 1 bw

On ice 1 bw

Everybody loves a cuppa Lakota!
Everybody loves a cup of Lakota 99

Rock star?????
Rock star 412 bw

17 July 2014

Some street shots from July, 2014

Sherry ring 3

Johnny Hodges
Johnny Hodges - Buskin' the blues 6 bw

Johnny Hodges - Buskin' the blues 8 bw

LinemanLineman 41 bw

Eggplant Harry
Eggplant Harry 2

The ring
Ring 1

Subway snooze
Subway snooze bw

10th Anniversary
10th Anniversary 2

5th Anniversary
5th Anniversary

57 Chevy
57 Chevy 3

Anything will help
Anything will help bw

Carrot top
Carrot-top 3

High on the job
High on the job 82 bw

Gotta respect a guy wears a camo quilt
Stylish man-about-town 3

Puller 2014 4

Boxed in 23 bw