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A photo and lighting place! Here I'll post some stuff I've shot in the process of learning.

Since my move to Fujifilm equipment (sharper & better) , I now shoot with two Fuji X-E2 bodies.
(until the X-PRO2 comes along, anyway)

* Fujinon XF18-55 f/2.8-4.0 R (SHARP across the range!)
* Fujinon XF55-200 f/3.5-4.8 R (Uber SHARP across the range!)
* Fujinon XF10-24 f/3.5-4.8 R (SHARP across the range!)

Flash stuff:
* 4 Yongnuo 560-IV with commander/transmitter.
* 6 Nikon SB-25/26/28s (old, manual, reliable, nice),
* 6 ancient Sunpak 611 hammerhead flashes (really old, manual, reliable, nice) with big SLA battery packs for studio, tabletop macro and portraits
. (GN=168 = lotsa light for a $50 flash).
* (6) Pocket Wizard and (6) Yongnuo RF-603 radio flash triggers

tons of stands, umbrellas, soft-boxes, brolly boxes, mounts, hot & cold shoes (and some lukewarm ones), cords, spigots, clamps, pocket wizard triggers, reflectors, scrims, backdrops, adapters, snoots, grids, batteries , chargers, bags & cases, gewgaws, gimcracks, whatchamacallits, doohickeys, thingamajigs, whatnots, widgets, et cetera.

I love to shoot out on the street, but the technical aspects of photography/lighting are fascinating - and sometimes vexing. I am fortunate to shoot with motivated and inquisitive photographers.

I am available for portraits, senior photos & product photography.

Commercially printed copies (up to 24" x 30" of most photos seen here are available on high quality paper or mounted board for framing.

07 August 2015

Birthday (and some from the street)

Birthday at Fuddrucker's
Birthday at Fudd's 2

My Sherry
Small-town fairs 2015 - 37 Sherry bw

Under the hood
Under the hood sep

Small-town fairs
Small-town fairs 2015 - 36

Modern Multi-tasking

Bad muffler
Bad mufflers

Bird Kung Fu
Pecking Order 3

Interesting faces
Share and share alike 1

Interesting faces 406 bw

Interesting faces 2015 - 102

And even more from the street

Our garden
Walk in the garden 5p

Squash flower & bees 2

Bugsy 72 bw

The 4th
Fourth of July 2015 - 9

John 29

Lunch Lady
Lunch 33 bw

Lived-in look
Lived-in 131p

4th of July and more from the street

That "Lived-in: look
Fiddle 2015 200 bw

Audience 2 bw

Street music
Harp 202

Interesting faces 2015 - 205 bw

A Different drummer 1

Dressed for success
Dressed for success 817 bw

Lunch at the health food place
Lunch AlFresco 5 bw

The Model sessions

Spent an afternoon at a model shoot. Tough work, but somebody's gotta do it.
Britney Copping - 5395 Fin (sm)

Britney Copping - 5404 Fin (sm)

Emily Heartsong - 5377 Fin (sm-bw)

Sidney Billstein - 5347 (detail-sm)

Lynn Cooper - 5505 Fin (sm-bw)

Stacy Taylor - 5442 Fin (sm)

12 June 2015

Windy City train trip

Sherry wanted to ride the train, so..........

Sherry's Roadtrip 5

Sherry's Roadtrip 10

Sears Tower 9 bw

Life Ring

Chicago River

Chicago Chinatown 10

Of course, the camera lens tended to wander on me....

Union Station Great Hall 7

Chicago Chinatown 9 bw

124 Bus 2

Union Station Great Hall 4 bw

Priority seating bw

Fire thing 1 bw

Chicago Chinatown 11

Waiting for the train 2 bw

Some other matters.
Sharing 3 bw

_Dove 7

02 June 2015

Yet more from the street

Playing in traffic
 Playing in traffic 10

Quick smoke
Quick smoke 41 bw

Amongst the sidewalk  junk
Amongst thesidewalk  junk bw

Bystander 34

Tuned in
Tuned-in 22 bw

Talking past one another
Talking past one another 47 bw

Parting ways
Parting ways bw

Great suit
Great suit 2 bw

Goth-ic bw